Music:  Music is a huge part of my life – can’t live without it.  Slow jams, slow rock and anything slow is down with me. Living it up in the 80s, the ol’ skool stuff from that era is what still lives with me till today.  So if you’re having a party and are planning to invite me, you now know what stuff to play to get me groovin’ on the floor.

Movies:  Working in the Film industry, I tend to look at things more on the technical and creative side of movies instead of the entertainment value.  And becoz of that, to enjoy a movie I’d pick those with good storyline, good cast, and those that will not tune me into my filmaker mode when I’m watching them.

TV:  I would say that I’m quite a TV addict.  So yeah, I think that says quite enough.

Books:  I love reading but I won’t consider myself a bookworm.  My favourite has gotta be the Chicken Soup for the Soul series – you can never get enough of that.  Apart from that, I also love anything Western (I love cowboys and Red Indians), and being a girl, I love romantic novels too.  Non-fictions are also favourites of mine as I find them inspiring.  And of course, Jackie Collins – I love her style of writing and the dirt that she puts out.

Sports:  I love Formula One Racing.  For the longest time, I’ve always loved Ferraris.  It started when my dad was working with Wearne Brothers and brought home a Ferrari Dino one day.  It was a huge thrill to be driven to school in a Ferrari (I was about 11 at that time) and be the envy of all the kids in school.  Another sport I love is rugby.  I love the fact that even though the game looks rough and all (with fists flying in the air, etc), but respect maintains in the game.  A true gentleman’s game.  And yes, I’m a huge fan of the New Zealand All Blacks and I have Jonah Lomu’s jersey (worn by him) to prove it.

Apart from the usual reading, writing, music, clubbing, travelling, etc, I also love making new friends and people watching.  I guess ‘curiosity’ could’ve been my middle name as I’m always curious about people.  And me being far from shy, have no qualms in walking up to a stranger to strike up a conversation if I see something unique about a person.

Dreams:  Dreams are far cheaper than real life….

Best Features:  I’m not a vainpot who thinks that I have nice eyes or nice hair or a gorgeous face, hell no!  I think my best features are those that can’t be seen with the naked eye… a big heart and an open mind.