Never Left Your Side

Over the last few years I had learned that friendship come in different shapes and forms.  They would come and show their true form at the most unexpected time.  But I also learned that those unexpected times are usually the times when you need them the most.

Just a few weeks ago a good friend of mine came to me to unload himself.  I sat and listened to him talk, and when he needed to cry I let him do it freely.  He really has a lot on his plate, I can tell that he wasn’t faking it.  Having to look after his bedridden mom and his active 2 year old nephew all on his own, that’s quite a load to handle, but he being the responsible son that he is, he took the responsibility with no question. 

But then, there’s another problem.  Financial.  He drives a cab for a living but looking after his mom and nephew takes up all his time which makes it hard for him to go out and earn money seeing that he doesn’t have anyone to help look after them when he goes out.  The bills are still gonna continue to come and they all still need to eat…  Needless to say, he was in a real dilemma.  He was desperate for his family but he just didn’t know what to do.  My heart really goes out to him and I was determined to help him in any which way that I could.

He and I met a few years ago, believe it or not, through a radio show.  From there, we met each other in person and clicked right from the get go.  From that show, we got to know a lot of other folks too.  Though we’re all scattered all over the country, friendship was born.  And it all happened on one particular show which unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore.  However, like I said earlier, friendship comes in different shapes and forms, so even though the show no longer exist, the friendship among ‘The Family’ continues to live.

A channel was created to allow easy access for The Family to catch up and communicate with each other.  It was through this channel that I shared my friend’s story to the rest of  The Family.  I got an immediate response from them.  Each voiced their concern for our friend and offered to help in any which way that they can.  I responded to their responses and thanked them all for their generosity and thoughtfulness.

The next day, one of sistas from The Family sent me a text.  She’s a teacher, got a promotion not too long ago, a mother, and a really kind soul.  She apologised for being quiet for so long and explained that she’s been swamped with work and everything else that’s been going on in her life.  She then said that she had seen my message in our channel and felt really sorry for our friend.  She then told me that she wanted to help him by giving him a love gift, and asked me if I could get his banking details so that she could proceed with sending him her love gift.  I was blown away by her kind generosity.  For her to offer such help considering that she has never met me or our friend… that is amazing beyond words.  I told her that I had to run it by our friend first to get his details and his go ahead – which I did, and true to her words, she sent him her love gift, which had helped him to breathe for a little longer. 

Pam, I salute you for you kindness and generosity.  I admire your thoughtfulness and unselfishness.  I respect you as a person for you have so much inner beauty.  And lastly, I’m blessed to have crossed paths with you and have you for a friend.

As for Cash, I know that times are rough for you right now but it will soon pass.  God doesn’t give us problems that we can’t handle, so there’s a reason why this is happening to you right now, just keep on believing that you will see that silver lining.  In the meantime, hang tight and know that you’re not alone.

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