Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Hi5… these are a few of the common names in the world of social networking sites. It’s a new way to meet new people and to make new friends. It can be a fun experience and it can also be a creepy one, depending on who you meet online.

I had just started joining in the fun a few months ago. It was more out of curiousity than anything else. I have to say that when I first joined site ‘A’, I was a real dork. Didn’t know what to do or how to go about getting stuff done that I had to ask some of the new friends that I had met on that site to help me out. Lol. What a dork! And then one of the guys from that site invited me to join another site, quite similar to the previous one. At first I wasn’t interested but he didn’t give up and kept inviting me. Finally I did and now I’m hooked. Lol.

Met some nice folks on site ‘B’ and through conversations via message box(I don’t do the ‘chat’ thing), I’ve made some good friends. Good enough that we’re able to share our thoughts and stuff about our personal lives with one another. Which then got me thinking… if friendship is able to grow just via words exchanged on computer screen, would it be possible for love to grow too?

Three guys actually told me that it’s possible. They had somehow ‘met’ the woman of their dreams in a social networking website and they are very positive that they are or have fallen in love.

Which got me thinking again… is it possible for one to fall in love with someone they’ve never met? Fall in love with words that they see on their computer screen? Knowing for a fact that they may never meet but yet still believe strongly in the love that they share? Hmmm…. the romantic side of me would love to say that yes, that is all possible to happen coz I believe in fairytales and happy ever after endings just like in Disney movies but… this is not Disneyland.

And so I made my own theory on this matter… people are attracted to the idea of fairytales and happy ever after endings. I mean, who wouldn’t be? The closest thing that they could get to that is through these websites. They usually go in as their alter-ego in search of whatever it is that they may fancy. There’s always a strong chance that one would meet at least one person whom they’d hit it off with from the get go and for some reason, it’s always someone of the opposite sex. They soon become fast friends, which then would lead to exchanging of sweet messages and comments, which could then lead to feelings being developed. In sites like these, one can make all their fantasies come true provided they have a game partner and there are no limits as to how much they can explore together. An illusion of a perfect fantasy. But once the computer’s turned off, it’s back to reality.  

And my conclusion is… Illusion and reality… don’t confuse the two.