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My Prerogative…

Not too long ago I wrote a post in here which turned out to be a sensitive issue to some folks.  For that, I was accused of being “insensitive”, and was slammed and was condemned “repulsive”.  First of all, this is MY blog so that means that I have the right to write whatever the hell I want to in here.  I’m not forcing anyone to read what I write so if you don’t like what you see in here, hey, you know where the door is so please, let yourself out.

But you know what, as much as I don’t want to be affected by those comments, I was.  Hey, I’m only human.  I was feeling pretty bummed out, mood was down, and I lost all desire to write.  It was a shame coz I was finally starting to get a grip on my momentum.  Then, out of nowhere, help came to me in a form of a man.  Yo Mcbrian!  If you’re reading this, thank you!

Though our friendship is new, he’s done something which not many have even thought of doing ~ he made an effort to really get to know me.  He tries hard to get into my head just so he understands how my mind really works.  I really appreciate that about him; it shows that he’s genuinely interested in forming and building a strong foundation of friendship with me.  Now, that is a rare find! 

Paddy, if not for you, I would still be sitting in the den licking my wound and feeling sorry for myself.  Thanks for telling me to snap out of it and nudging me to come out again.  Thanks for the pep talk ~ I needed that.  You’re right, I shouldn’t have to apologise for doing something I love ~ writing.  It is a gift from God and I shall continue to use it for as long as He permits.


You are who you are…

I am someone who enjoys making new friends.  I’m not picky about their background, or what they do for a living, or how much money they make as long as they’re sincere and genuine that is fine with me.  However, in the past I have come across people who seemed genuine and sincere enough in wanting to start a friendship with me but at the same time there are some question marks about them that till today I haven’t found the answers to.

For example, there was this guy I got to know a few years ago from a local radio station.  When he and I first started talking, he seemed like a jovial guy who’s game for anything that’s fun.  He had interesting things to talk about and I really enjoyed talking to him.  Then as time went by, we started getting to know each other better and that’s when I began having questions about him.  It is normal to ask questions about the other person’s family and personal life when you want to get to know that person better and in this case I did exactly that.  However, the things that he told me about himself, his family and his past, it all sounded like something that he made up to try to impress me.

In one of our conversations I told him that I’ve always been fascinated by ‘bad boys’ for I find them a lot more interesting and unpredictable.  It’s the sense of ‘adventure’ that thrills me more than anything; to expect the unexpected and to be surprised of the unknown.  And because I shared with him this piece of information about myself, he suddenly painted himself a picture of someone who was so notorious in the past, someone with a dangerous edge who has done things which normal respectable guy wouldn’t even dream of doing.  I asked him to give me an example of the things that he had done in the past and when he did I just shook my head in disbelief because it sounded like he was describing a character from some novel or movie.

He also told me that he was self-employed and that he’s made his millions through his businesses, that he owned a luxurious condo overlooking the ocean on one of the islands here, drives an expensive car, even claimed that he owns a boat!  I was impressed by this knowledge because I thought that this was a man who was dedicated and hardworking.  But imagine my surprise when I used to call him on his phone and found him working as a checkout guy at a mini market when he’s supposed to be working at his own business place!  When I asked him about it he told me that he was just ‘helping’ a friend.  I also found it absurd for him to be renting a small room to live in when he supposedly have this luxurious condo, and also for him to be riding a kapchai when he supposedly own an expensive car!  Nothing that he’s told me seemed to fit.

I’ve known this guy for a few years now and till today he’s still sticking to his story no matter how bizarre it sounds.  Why do people lie and make up stories about themselves to impress others?  Is their self-esteem really that low that they feel if they were to be themselves others would not accept them?  Don’t they realise that to cover a lie they would have to come up with another lie and at the end of the day it will all be nothing but just a bunch of lies?     

Today, after almost two weeks since his death, the King of Pop is finally laid to rest.  I stayed up to watch the memorial service and I must say that it was definitely worth staying up for.  Though it was all decided at the last-minute (according to the organisers) for the memorial service to be held at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, it was well put together. 

Though I wasn’t there in LA physically to be part of the mourning crowd, I could feel the air of sadness even from watching it on TV.  That was how much Michael Jackson had touched lives.  Michael had led a very colourful life from the time he was introduced to the world of glitz and glitters.  May seem like a glamorous life to some but only those who actually live those lives would know what their world is really all about.  From the very wide coverage of his death to all the ‘findings’ from the many tests and investigations, a lot of things had surfaced about the man who many adored and loved but knew nothing about.  There were so many speculations made about his mental stability, his lifestyle, his life, he as a human being…and like any sensational story, many will make their own theory of who they think Michael Jackson really was.  God knows who he is and the people whose lives he had touched knew who he was…honestly, I think that’s all that matters.

I will not mourn his death for long but I will celebrate his life for many, many years to come.  May you rest in peace now that you’re at a much better place.

  michael_jackson.jpg Michael Jackson image by MeeMee305Swagga

“He may be imitated but never be duplicated.” ~ Pastor Crucius Smith

The You I Never Knew…

Sometime a week ago I was shocked and saddened by a post that I came across in the bulletin board of a social networking website where I’m a member of.  One of the members was found brutally murdered on a deserted beach somewhere on the little island of Trinidad and Tobago.  The victim was a lady.  A single mother of four.  Her name was Gail and she was only 39 years old.

According to reports, she became quite close to a man on that website and they were chatting online regularly.  From casual friends the friendship grew more intimate when feelings and emotions were thrown into the mix.  They agreed to meet for the first time on the man’s birthday and from what I gather from reading her profile, Gail was a fun-loving person, very down to earth and a doting mother.  Whatever spin it was that the guy pulled on her must’ve been really, really good coz she didn’t seem like the type who’d just fall for anything.  

The cops there did their thing and found out that on the day she went to meet the dude, she had stopped at a cake shop to purchase a birthday cake and then headed on to a liquor store to get some alcohol.  Her destination was the beach.  Clearly she was planning for it to be a special and memorable first date.  Well, don’t know about the special part, but memorable it sure was – in the most tragic way.

I didn’t know Gail, never got the opportunity to cross paths with her but from the vibe I got from reading her profile I’m quite sure that had I had the chance to get to know her, she would’ve been a wonderful friend.  Even though I didn’t know her, in some way I too mourn with her family.  People in that website are still visiting her profile…leaving flowers, condolences, messages, etc.  It’s clear that the entire community of that website are shocked and saddened by this tragedy. 

This is my special tribute to Gail… the woman I never knew.  May you rest in peace.

road trip to shark river


Jun 15, 2009 6:23 am

This is such a sad tragedy. I didn’t know Gail but to know that she was taken from her family against her will and before her time…there are just no words to describe what I believe her family is going through. My heart and prayers and condolences I extend to your loved ones. May they find some comfort in knowing that you’re at a better place now. May you rest in peace, Gail.

Jun 15, 2009 6:44 am



Jun 13, 2009 11:02 am


I’m so sorry to hear what happen to my dear. i’m so sorry your life had to be cut short all because of this monster who calls him self human. I wish i had known earlier that this would’ve happen to you. My god some men don’t have no heart.I wonder if he knows that its a lady who gave birth to him,i wonder if he knows that women are a blessing to us men, so why in gods name did he had to do this to you. I hope he knows that the bible says no deeds go unpunished and one day his day will come, not just him but all other men who kill people for no reason at all. I pray for your family and i know that others are praying for them as well. You are in jesus’s hands right now so you won’t be suffering no more. I know your up there watching over your kids and families, may the lord continue to shine on them, keep them safe and bless them in jesus name. I have written a letter after hearing of your death to all women out there who meet people on the net just to enlighten them. R.I.P BYE

Getting breakfast on the road to shark river

Jun 14, 2009 6:44 pm

When tomorrow starts without me, Please try to understand, That an angel came and called my name, And took me by the hand. The angel said my place was ready, In Heaven far above, And that I’d have to leave behind, All those I dearly love. But when I walked through Heaven’s gates, I felt so much at home, For God looked down, smiled at me, And told me “Welcome Home.” So when tomorrow starts without me, Don’t think we’re far apart, For everytime you think of me, I’m right there in your heart.

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Jun 15, 2009 1:12 am

im sorry to hear the news…May God be with you and a heartfelt condolences to her family… Whoever did this will get his retribution soon. A lesson to all women taggers to be extra careful when meeting someone we hardly know their intentions. I can understand Gail as she merely looked for love shes entitled to but someone just took that away from her. Im all hurt and full of sorrows for her children….. God pls help her family cope.
Yes this is our island....paradise right here

I took all these photos from her photo album and for this particular picture, this was the caption she wrote… “Yes, this is our island…paradise right here.”  And yet, it was also on this very same paradise that her life was cut short.

R.I.P Gail…