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My Prerogative…

Not too long ago I wrote a post in here which turned out to be a sensitive issue to some folks.  For that, I was accused of being “insensitive”, and was slammed and was condemned “repulsive”.  First of all, this is MY blog so that means that I have the right to write whatever the hell I want to in here.  I’m not forcing anyone to read what I write so if you don’t like what you see in here, hey, you know where the door is so please, let yourself out.

But you know what, as much as I don’t want to be affected by those comments, I was.  Hey, I’m only human.  I was feeling pretty bummed out, mood was down, and I lost all desire to write.  It was a shame coz I was finally starting to get a grip on my momentum.  Then, out of nowhere, help came to me in a form of a man.  Yo Mcbrian!  If you’re reading this, thank you!

Though our friendship is new, he’s done something which not many have even thought of doing ~ he made an effort to really get to know me.  He tries hard to get into my head just so he understands how my mind really works.  I really appreciate that about him; it shows that he’s genuinely interested in forming and building a strong foundation of friendship with me.  Now, that is a rare find! 

Paddy, if not for you, I would still be sitting in the den licking my wound and feeling sorry for myself.  Thanks for telling me to snap out of it and nudging me to come out again.  Thanks for the pep talk ~ I needed that.  You’re right, I shouldn’t have to apologise for doing something I love ~ writing.  It is a gift from God and I shall continue to use it for as long as He permits.


I was chatting online with a dear friend of mine a couple of hours ago, catching up with each other and finding out how she’s been doing (she’s been off the radar for almost a year) and after talking to her I decided to dedicate this post as a tribute to her.

Tia is the youngest child of two siblings, born in a wealthy and influential family.  Since the day she was born she was exposed to a life of luxury; she attended the best private schools, she was rubbing shoulders with the elite society, had her own personal maids to tend to her every need, in short, she was living like royalty.  One would think that having everything that money can buy would make her an irresponsible, spoilt brat who doesn’t give a damn about anyone but herself but she is nothing like that.   

She has money as well as good looks and she was spotted by a talent scout when she was 15 which eventually had launched her modelling career.  She started getting lots of jobs doing commercials and that’s when she started having problems in school – instead of becoming more likeable, kids in school resented her.  She was often picked on in school by bullies (some of them got quite violent) and that was when she started to think that there was something wrong with her.  She started detaching herself from the other kids in school and also from her family.  She grew up feeling very lonely.  Things got really bad at a point that instead of talking things over with her family she decided to take matters into her own hands by cutting herself.  She felt that if she was scarred then maybe the other kids would accept her and she won’t be alone anymore.  This problem of hers went on for a few years and it only ended when she finally reached out to her family and admitting to them that she needed help.  A lot of work was done on her, a lot of money was spent to heal her and eventually it all paid off.  When she turned 18, she started modelling internationally.  Her job took her all over the world and she was basically living out of a suitcase most of the time. 

Although life as a model is interesting and exciting she still found something was missing in her life – love.  Sure, she did her share of dating over the years but because she’s never at one place long enough all she had were casual dates and not someone whom she can call her boyfriend.  Desperate, two years ago she signed up to a social network and there she met someone whom she thought she could start a relationship with.   

Her relationship with that guy went on well at first; he was very attentive, caring, loving, and he seemed to be very understanding as well.  They carried on with this relationship for about a year via the social network without having spoken to each other on the phone or meeting face to face (he was in Malaysia while she was all over the world) though they did have plans to meet someday.

She was in the midst of doing another commercial job in New Zealand when I got a call from her sister saying that Tia was very ill and that her parents were making plans on bringing her back to America for treatment.  Tia had brain tumour. 

Tia was sent to a private hospital owned by a family friend where she was immediately operated on.  I can’t remember exactly how long the surgery took but it was a successful even though they had a touch and go moment during the surgery.  Her sister also contacted the guy Tia was involved with at the social network to inform him of her condition but instead of being concerned about her well-being, he was pushing for Tia to acknowledge her feelings for him to her family.  He even started to pressure her about marriage.  Needless to say, she broke it off with him.  She was devastated and looked upon herself as a failure.

While she was recuperating at the hospital, she became very close to the neuro-surgeon who operated on her.  He had been spending a lot of time by her bedside talking to her and getting to know her.  Through him, she found the strength to fight her disease, the courage to stay strong, and the will to live.  And today, at 29, she’s finally found love in the true meaning of the word. 

She’s been cancer free for over six months now but she still goes for her regular check ups.  She has her good days and her bad days but she’s determined to live her life to the fullest for she feels that she’s been given another chance in life.

Tia, you inspire me.  May you have many more miracles in your life.

Tia Soeraya

Today, after almost two weeks since his death, the King of Pop is finally laid to rest.  I stayed up to watch the memorial service and I must say that it was definitely worth staying up for.  Though it was all decided at the last-minute (according to the organisers) for the memorial service to be held at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, it was well put together. 

Though I wasn’t there in LA physically to be part of the mourning crowd, I could feel the air of sadness even from watching it on TV.  That was how much Michael Jackson had touched lives.  Michael had led a very colourful life from the time he was introduced to the world of glitz and glitters.  May seem like a glamorous life to some but only those who actually live those lives would know what their world is really all about.  From the very wide coverage of his death to all the ‘findings’ from the many tests and investigations, a lot of things had surfaced about the man who many adored and loved but knew nothing about.  There were so many speculations made about his mental stability, his lifestyle, his life, he as a human being…and like any sensational story, many will make their own theory of who they think Michael Jackson really was.  God knows who he is and the people whose lives he had touched knew who he was…honestly, I think that’s all that matters.

I will not mourn his death for long but I will celebrate his life for many, many years to come.  May you rest in peace now that you’re at a much better place.

  michael_jackson.jpg Michael Jackson image by MeeMee305Swagga

“He may be imitated but never be duplicated.” ~ Pastor Crucius Smith

I’m back again with Part #2 of The Family gathering.  MAG booked us a private room at Baywatch, a cosy lil restaurant/bar/fun pub place at Dataran Prima.  There was none of those formal and fancy stuff, no organised plans or agenda planned for the night.  It was a ‘go with the flow’ kinda of a deal which suited everyone fine.

There was a long table set up for our party, and me and my gang…


took fort at the far end of the table, where we were joined by…


Mubarak, Marie, Martin and Arthur.  As you can see from the photo, there are beer glasses on the table, basically the vibe and momentum that we had at the Sunway Resort lounge, we took that with us to Baywatch.

Dinner… oh my God, there wasn’t any formality at all at the table!  Cash was picking from my plate and from Mandy’s, I was picking from Cash’s plate and from Mandy’s… it felt like having dinner with MY own family, it was awesome.  Not only that, we were talking with our mouth full, laughing really loud, argue with each other at the table… we were one helluva noisy bunch, I loved it.

After dinner, as what we were all aware of, it was time to record our Family website’s 10th webisode…

recording of webbie 10

… which will be uploaded to The Family website , and also on YouTube.   The lil feature was the brainwave of…



… aka Steve the Beef aka The Hubby, who is also MAG’s hubby.

Lots were captured that night, be it by camera or by heartfelt moments…


PICT0111 by you.

… no shy or awkward moments, everybody chatted away like long lost friends.  It’s hard to believe that most of us were meeting up for the very first time.  There was so much love in that room that night, you could feel the thickness of it in the air.  Hugs were aplenty…




… it was great.  There was brotherhood…


… sisterhood…


… there was unity.

At the end of the day, like “Heroes”…

M&PParty-Web10 by you.

… that’s how we roll.

Keep the peace and spread the love…

PICT0087 by you.

This is something which I had discovered recently.  In a few of my past posts I had written special tributes about a few remarkable individuals whom I had come across in my life, folks who had cross paths with me in the most unusual way, folks that I’ve become friends with.  And today I’d like to sit and look back on the journey that we had travelled so far.  It all started with…


… Pat and his partner in crime…


… MAG.  Together, they had creatively produced a radio show which had attracted a lot of active listeners who would participate in the contests, games, whatnots that they spring on the show every Monday to Friday afternoon.  The chemistry between MAG and Pat was hot and that helped to make the show a lot more exciting.  They both brought out their heart and soul when they’re on air, they kept it real by being true to themselves… no put on impressions or fake persona, just who they truly are.  That was the thing that drew me and so many others towards the show.  A bunch of strangers from all walks of life, scattered all over the country AND the UK, cross paths with one another on one common ground – a radio show.  From there we got to know each other and we grew so big, so close, so tight, that we started calling ourselves ‘The Family’…

"The Family"

"The Family"

We all decided to meet up and have a family gathering and since Martin and his wife, Marie…


… were planning their trip here, we agreed to squeeze in the meet up during that time.  I was excited about meeting up with the family. 

On Friday, May 15th, Cash…


… (fondly known as ‘the friendly cabbie’ among The Family) and I went to KLIA to pick up one of the most respected member of The Family… Arthur…



…aka Cikgu Arthur aka Sir Arthur, take your pick.  That was the first time I met Arthur after give and take two years of knowing each other.  Was I disappointed?  Not one bit.  He was exactly like how I pictured him… big, warm and friendly.  The three of us had late lunch at a chicken rice shop along Jalan Bukit Bintang, chatted like long lost friends and finally walked Arthur back to his hotel around 5:00pm. 

My excitement exscalated to a maximum high when Cash arrived to pick me up for the gathering the next evening.  From my place we went into the city centre to pick Arthur at his hotel and from there shot straight to Sunway Lagoon Resort as the location of our meeting check point.   We went straight to the lounge located at the end of the hotel lobby and found the early birds there.  And so the party started with beer, light conversations, hugs, beer, laugh, beer, more conversations, more beer… and so it went until Pat got a call from MAG to inform us of the actual location where the party was to take place.

Stay tuned for more… Part #2 coming up shortly.

Friendship at its best…

Never Left Your Side

Over the last few years I had learned that friendship come in different shapes and forms.  They would come and show their true form at the most unexpected time.  But I also learned that those unexpected times are usually the times when you need them the most.

Just a few weeks ago a good friend of mine came to me to unload himself.  I sat and listened to him talk, and when he needed to cry I let him do it freely.  He really has a lot on his plate, I can tell that he wasn’t faking it.  Having to look after his bedridden mom and his active 2 year old nephew all on his own, that’s quite a load to handle, but he being the responsible son that he is, he took the responsibility with no question. 

But then, there’s another problem.  Financial.  He drives a cab for a living but looking after his mom and nephew takes up all his time which makes it hard for him to go out and earn money seeing that he doesn’t have anyone to help look after them when he goes out.  The bills are still gonna continue to come and they all still need to eat…  Needless to say, he was in a real dilemma.  He was desperate for his family but he just didn’t know what to do.  My heart really goes out to him and I was determined to help him in any which way that I could.

He and I met a few years ago, believe it or not, through a radio show.  From there, we met each other in person and clicked right from the get go.  From that show, we got to know a lot of other folks too.  Though we’re all scattered all over the country, friendship was born.  And it all happened on one particular show which unfortunately doesn’t exist anymore.  However, like I said earlier, friendship comes in different shapes and forms, so even though the show no longer exist, the friendship among ‘The Family’ continues to live.

A channel was created to allow easy access for The Family to catch up and communicate with each other.  It was through this channel that I shared my friend’s story to the rest of  The Family.  I got an immediate response from them.  Each voiced their concern for our friend and offered to help in any which way that they can.  I responded to their responses and thanked them all for their generosity and thoughtfulness.

The next day, one of sistas from The Family sent me a text.  She’s a teacher, got a promotion not too long ago, a mother, and a really kind soul.  She apologised for being quiet for so long and explained that she’s been swamped with work and everything else that’s been going on in her life.  She then said that she had seen my message in our channel and felt really sorry for our friend.  She then told me that she wanted to help him by giving him a love gift, and asked me if I could get his banking details so that she could proceed with sending him her love gift.  I was blown away by her kind generosity.  For her to offer such help considering that she has never met me or our friend… that is amazing beyond words.  I told her that I had to run it by our friend first to get his details and his go ahead – which I did, and true to her words, she sent him her love gift, which had helped him to breathe for a little longer. 

Pam, I salute you for you kindness and generosity.  I admire your thoughtfulness and unselfishness.  I respect you as a person for you have so much inner beauty.  And lastly, I’m blessed to have crossed paths with you and have you for a friend.

As for Cash, I know that times are rough for you right now but it will soon pass.  God doesn’t give us problems that we can’t handle, so there’s a reason why this is happening to you right now, just keep on believing that you will see that silver lining.  In the meantime, hang tight and know that you’re not alone.

a toast.gif

A Special Tribute…

Can you believe that it’s the 2nd day of December already??  Pretty soon Christmas will be here and next thing you know, 2008 is up and another new year begins.  And speaking of today’s date, did you know that today is Britney Spears’s birthday (like as if I care. Lol) … but more importantly, it also happens to be my lil bro’s birthday and the birthday of a good friend of mine – Arthur aka The Principal aka suituapui, and due to that, I’m dedicating this post as a special tribute to him.

I’ve known Arthur for over a year now.  We haven’t met in person, we didn’t meet in some chat room, but we crossed paths believe it or not on a radio show hosted by the crazy duo, Mary Anne Gomes and Patrick Michael, better known as MAG and Pat.  Those who are familiar with or are regulars to Traxx FM would know who they are. 

I can’t remember exactly how Arthur and I ‘hooked up’ … but we started communicating through the show via text messages sent to the show.  This went on for quite some time and then I took it a step further by getting Arthur’s number from another regular on the show and the communication isn’t just limited to when the show is on air.

From the many conversations (via text and phone calls) that I’ve had with Arthur, I’ve learned a lot from him.  I admire his dedication towards shaping his students (he’s a retired teacher) to be good human beings of the future.  And from the text messages that he used to get on the radio show plus the responses he gets on his blogs from his ex students, it is clear that he has made a strong impact on their lives and he’s well respected (unsurprisingly so).  I mean, think about it… how many teachers out there will get nervous and jittery when their students are sitting for an exam or are awaiting for their results, and then get all choked up when their students do really well?  As far as I know, not that many.  But that’s what Arthur is like.  He acts like a proud parent when his students do well, and he worries about them too just like how a parent would.  And even though he’s now retired, he’s well remembered by his students and that to me is a sure sign of a successful educator.

I salute his love and devotion to his only pride and joy, the apple of his eye, his daughter, Melissa.  There is so much pride in him whenever he talks about her and anyone can see how proud he is of his daughter.  She’s now studying in uni, away from home, and is learning more about being independent and about life.  Arthur’s taught her well as she has a good head on her shoulders.  I remember Mel’s last two birthdays… she was at uni and not home with daddy, and Arthur was feeling miserable being away from his precious.  How many fathers would request songs on radio specially dedicated to his daughter?  Not mine… but Arthur’s done it, many times. 

As a friend, he’s awesome.  Even though we haven’t had the chance to meet yet, I love and respect him for what he has brought to the table.  I appreciate his open-mindedness, respect his wisdom, and grateful for his friendship.

So Arthur, on this special day of yours, I’d like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for being first of all, the person that you are, and secondly, for opening your heart to include me in your life as your friend.  We may not communicate with each other a lot (especially since The Show no longer exist) … but just know that you’re always in my heart and my thoughts.  You’re a remarkable human being and an awesome friend.  Happy birthday my friend…  God bless.