I was just reading the latest blog by my friend, suituapui, who’s well-known for writing about food and eating places.  This has jolted my mind to another friend of mine in the States, Big Dunn.  Well, Big Dunn is obviously a big guy (hence the nickname), an ex professional football player (American football, that is), and this big guy loves cooking and obviously food.  A few weeks ago, Big Dunn buzzed me with a new recipe that he had created and asked me to give it a try as he wants to know what I think before he adds it into his menu at his restaurant.  I’m not one who loves cooking but for the sake of a friend, I gave it a shot and surprisingly I didn’t burn down the kitchen.  Hehehe…

Anyways, the dish turned out quite okay but since I’m no expert in this cooking game, I thought I’d post the recipe here so that if you (yes, you… the one who’s reading this) would like to try it out and maybe let me know how it turns out and what you think about the recipe as I know that Big Dunn would really appreciate the feedback.  With that, I’m gonna cut my rambling and just get on with the recipe…


 1-2 pounds of fresh talapia

Sea salt

Black pepper (freshly cracked is best, you will notice the difference – use whatever you have in your pantry)

Cayenne pepper (use a lot if you like it hot, if not you might wanna take it down a notch)

Garlic (powder is cool for the fish, crushed or fresh is needed for the rice)

Rice (a mixture of white and brown works well and has great flavour)

Salad (field greens, baby carrots, assorted cheeses, cranberries)


The Method:

Season talapia generously with sea salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper and garlic powder.  The best cooking instrument is an old black cast iron skillet.  In the skillet, heat about 1/4 to 1/2 a cup of olive oil (vegetable oil works, but olive oil is better).  You want the oil to be very hot.  Cook each side 4-6 minutes and if edges look somewhat charred, that’s just good cooking.

Now for the rice…

Rice cookers are the best – just fill as you normally would, adding fresh or chopped garlic at the beginning of the process.  Stove top is no different – just add garlic to cook process.

Once you’re done with cooking the talapia and rice, place fish onto plate of garlic rice with salad on the side, sit down, say grace and eat.  Some people enjoy wine with their meals.  I recommend good old fashioned sweet tea, water or chinese tea with ice.

Well, that’s Big Dunn’s ‘Blackened Talapia with Garlic Rice and Salad’ recipe.  Give it a try and do come back with your comments.  Happy cooking…