Do you guys remember


…the guy who went for the American Idol auditions who made it through to the Hollywood round but in the end, he didn’t make the cut.  I was surprised by the result coz I was confident his name was already carved for one of the 24 available slots for I thought he was good.  And then to see Jennifer Lopez breakdown the way she did after being the one to drop the shit on the guy… man, no one could fake that well not even someone like J.Lo.  That showed that it was probably the toughest decision the judges ever had to made that early in the season.  Have a look at the video and you’ll get the picture of what I’m talking about.

Anyway, apart from having a good tone in his voice, he also has a rare quality in him which I love ~ his ability to love unconditionally and his courage to bare his soul to the world.  It’s like, “Hey, I am in love with this woman for real.  I’m not faking it, this is my real life and not just some gimmick.” … not many people have that quality.  



… a love like that is very hard if not rare to find.