It’s the 10th season of American Idol and I’ve been hooked on the show ever since it was brought to our shores during the 3rd season.  Over the years, I’ve made it a point not to miss a single performance show or the result show and this year is no different.

As I was watching the result show this evening with my mom, I can’t help but appreciate the changes they’ve made in their format.  Getting Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler as judges was a good move for they’re are also performers so they know first hand what the business is really like plus they can relate better to the anxiety and nervousness of the contestants.  It may be easy for us viewers to criticise the contestants in their singing skills but try doing it yourself in front of a big audience and on national TV and I bet we’ll be shitting bricks as well!

I also think it’s a very brilliant idea to get music Producers involved this year to work with the contestants as this gives them a chance to experience and know what it’s really like to be working with professionals on a professional level, in a real studio instead of just sitting in some cosy living room with a piano to accompany their singing.  This is also an opportunity for them to be ‘noticed’ by record Producers – should they enough potential to be the next singing sensation.

Looking at this year’s top 13 hopefuls, I have to say that I favour the guys more as I feel that they have more to bring to the table; they are a lot more daring in taking risks.  The girls tend to be ‘safe’ by remaining in their comfort zone, which can get a bit boring after awhile.

Like previous years, I tend to make my own predictions on who’s going to be booted out at the result show and my predictions this year has been quite spot on so far – I expected the first two to go would be girls and I was right.  The girls really need to step up in their game and they need to do it fast or all of them will be sent home one by one each week.  As for the boys, I like all of them except Jacob Lusk and that’s because I can only take so much of his gospel sound.  I mean, taking a Heart song, “Alone”, and singing it gospel style..?  Come on….

Looking back at all the past top 12 or 13, how many of them have really made it in the music business as successful international recording artistes?  Not many.  Okay, maybe it’s not fair to expect them to flourish into international recording artistes but really, how many of them have made it big in America?  Not that many either.  People like LaToya Jackson, Constantine Maroulis and Justin Guerrini have ventured into broadway.  Why?  Because maybe there isn’t a place for them in the recording industry.  And that is sad because they all auditioned for American Idol with high hopes of becoming successful recording artistes.

In the past, they have picked contestants who can sing well and some are easy on the eyes to have a showdown and sing according to the themes they’ve decided upon each week.  And each week we’ll hear comments like, “You sound like you’re singing on a cruise ship” by Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson will be trying to sound hip and cool by calling everyone “Dogg”, while Paula Abdul will come up with all the fancy and big words which can sometimes boggle someone’s mind.  What were they trying to prove?  How were they helping the contestants and the show?  And where was the direction they were going in finding a star?  I’m just glad that the brains behind American Idol have finally woken up and realise that some serious changes need to be made if they hope to find a worthy recording artiste who knows the path they want to be in musically.  Without this change, American Idol would be just another singing competition with a bunch of people who can sing well and personally, I don’t think that is enough for a reality show this big a scale.