It’s been a long while since I last wrote anything in here …. a few good friends have asked why, one even asked if the world had suddenly stopped!  Hahahaha!!!!  To be honest, I just didn’t have anything to write about.  Then this morning I woke up to the sounds of The Lite Breakfast Show where the morning duo were talking about what I thought was quite an interesting and appropriate topic (considering the timing) …. they say that women feel that men don’t say “I love you” enough to their partner.  The duo had quite a good response from their listeners who called up, more than willing to share their two cents worth and also to share some of their own personal experience.  One guy said that he’d rather show it by gestures rather than saying those 3 words everyday just for the sake of saying them, he even said that if wifey insist on hearing those words everyday than he might as well just record his voice repeating those words over and over again and then give it to her so that whenever she needs to hear them words then all she needs to do is just play the tape.  Hahaha!!!  I thought that was sarcastically funny but hey, the dude made a lot of sense 🙂

With today being the eve of Valentine’s, and not to mention it’s also my wedding anniversary, I’m definitely feeling love in the air, which kinda inspired me to drop some words in here tonight. 

I’ve been spending quite a number of my adultlife wondering about that thing called “love”.  It’s such a simple word but how much do we really understand the true depth of the meaning of the word?  And….is it even possible to “fall out of love”?  The way I look at it, if you were to “fall in love” with someone then some years later you break up with the person and say it’s coz “you’ve fallen out of love” …. then it wasn’t love in the first place.  Love doesn’t have an expiry date for love is a special bond built by two people who have a special closeness towards each other.  I’ve also realised that it isn’t possible to stop loving someone.  Couples may break up, friends may drift apart, time and life may get in the mix but if love was built somewhere it is always gonna be there.  Which brings me back to the topic I heard on radio this morning …. I totally agree with the caller’s comment coz at the end of the day, it’s the quality that truly matters and not so much the quantity.

I”m dedicating this post to the people I love …. To my best friend, my soulmate, my other half …. Happy Anniversary, baby!!!  We made it through another year.  Woohoo!!!  🙂  To my best friend, my confidant, my mother …. you mean everything to me.  I love you, Mom!!!  To my pillar, my strength, my Grandmother …. it’s partly becoz of you that I am who I am today.  Thank you. 

Lastly, to my extended family, my brothers and sisters ~ Mandy, MAG, Zul, Marty, Arthur, Pat, Cash, Steve, Mubarak …. we’ve come a quite a long way since those “good ol’ days”.  I’m happy to know that the bond that was built among us through a radio show didn’t go out the window after the show’s over.  Thank you, guys, for being my family …. love you all!