Today, after almost two weeks since his death, the King of Pop is finally laid to rest.  I stayed up to watch the memorial service and I must say that it was definitely worth staying up for.  Though it was all decided at the last-minute (according to the organisers) for the memorial service to be held at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles, it was well put together. 

Though I wasn’t there in LA physically to be part of the mourning crowd, I could feel the air of sadness even from watching it on TV.  That was how much Michael Jackson had touched lives.  Michael had led a very colourful life from the time he was introduced to the world of glitz and glitters.  May seem like a glamorous life to some but only those who actually live those lives would know what their world is really all about.  From the very wide coverage of his death to all the ‘findings’ from the many tests and investigations, a lot of things had surfaced about the man who many adored and loved but knew nothing about.  There were so many speculations made about his mental stability, his lifestyle, his life, he as a human being…and like any sensational story, many will make their own theory of who they think Michael Jackson really was.  God knows who he is and the people whose lives he had touched knew who he was…honestly, I think that’s all that matters.

I will not mourn his death for long but I will celebrate his life for many, many years to come.  May you rest in peace now that you’re at a much better place.

  michael_jackson.jpg Michael Jackson image by MeeMee305Swagga

“He may be imitated but never be duplicated.” ~ Pastor Crucius Smith