Well, the month of February is upon us again… the one month in the calendar that is closely associated with love and romance due to Valentine’s Day that falls on the 14th day of  the month.  It’s the day where you can see young guys blowing an insane amount of money on their girlfriend – from very expensive roses, to very expensive box of chocolates which if he’s lucky, would have a small little soft teddy bear in the packaging, which would then lead to an expensive dinner at some restaurant or hotel, which possibly could then lead to a night at the clubs for more celebration of their love for each other – she gets to enjoy all the fuss, attention and expensive treats; while he foots all the bills, probably spend the entire time thinking of how broke he’s going to be after the day is through, but at the same time try to put on a happy smile so as to not spoil his loved one’s joy. 

Well, I have a classic love story to share, which has a lot to do with the title that I chose for this post.  And the story goes a lil something like this…

The year was 1986. A young 19 year old college girl went to watch a rugby match with her boyfriend whom she met in college.  They were both big rugby fans and would spend their weekends going for rugby games and friendly matches around the city.  That weekend, there was a friendly game between the Police force and an alumni of  old boys from a high school in Selangor.  It had rained earlier on so the ground was wet and she brought a brolly with her when she came out of the car – just in case.  As usual, being a Sunday afternoon, she was dressed casually in her faded denim jeans, sneakers and a pink and white baby tee.  She and her boyfriend chose a spot higher up on the stands where it wasn’t too crowded and watched the game from there.  She scanned her eyes to look at the players who were standing by the side of the field and noticed some familiar faces among them.  Then she spotted a tall guy.  He was clearly the tallest guy on the field and he was well-built too.  She checked out his face. Not familiar to her.  Like some magnetic pull, Tall Guy turned towards her direction where they automatically locked eyes.  She smiled.  He smiled back and the first whistle was blown as a cue for the players to get on the field as the game’s about to begin.  Tall Guy gave another look at the girl, flashed another smile and he was off. 

1996 … She was excited at being given the chance to go out in the field to the location where a new commercial will be filmed.  After just three months of joining the Production House, she was already given this chance and she was thrilled to bits, making a promise to herself that she’s going to give her all while on location.  The filming took her to the town of Raub, where they (the crew and talents) were put to stay in the Rest House, while the filming locations were located in the forest where there are rivers and water rapids.  It was hot and humid in the forest during the day, and not to mention the mosquitoes and bugs that crawled out of nowhere from everywhere.  Not much fun but because film and art is a passion of hers, she endured the lack of comfort.  After the first day ended, one of the crew, a tall guy, approached her and invited her to have dinner with him.  She wasn’t sure why, but she accepted and they made plans on where to meet and at what time.

Dinner went well and before long, they were talking to each other like old friends.  After dinner, while walking her to her room she asked him, “You’re quite a big guy and you’re really tall, have you ever played rugby?” At this point, they had already reached the steps of her balcony (it’s an old rest house and she got the room at the front).

Slowly he stopped his steps and turned to look at her.  Really look at her. “Yes,” he replied, “I used to play for the SMS Old Boys.  In fact, there was one friendly game we played at PULAPOL (Pusat Latihan Polis) field against the Police force… did you watch that game?”

She smiled.  “Yes, I did.”

Then he looked at her again.  A lot closely this time and then slowly said, “Were you wearing faded jeans and a pink and white t-shirt on that day? And were you also seated at the upper level of the stands?” he asked, his words rushed out.

She was puzzled by his question and it was her turn to study his face.  “Yes, that was definitely what I was wearing on that day,” she replied, still puzzled.

Tall Guy then broke into a smile and said, “You’re the one!” clasping both of her small hands into his big palms.  “Do you know that after you smiled at me on that rainy afternoon I’ve been thinking and wondering and even tried to find out abut you?  But I couldn’t find anything…” he paused a moment to gaze into her eyes then continued, “… until tonight.”

“Wow!” was all she could say at that point as her heart was beating so fast at the words that had just been spoken to her.  “That game happened like 10 years ago and you remembered what I was wearing??! Wow!”

February 13th, 1999 … She and the Tall Guy got married.  Everything was perfect – they have a lot in common, they work in the same industry, they’re both very ambitious and career driven, they communicate well, and they are very supportive of each other.  They are also both strong and independent individuals, driven with determination to achieve their own individual success.  They had a unique kind of relationship.

However, in their determination to chase for their own goals, they soon found themselves drifting further and further apart from each other.  There was no 3rd party involved in the picture, no scandals whatsoever… just pure ambition.  Work was taking them away from each other.  So much so they only get to see each other maybe a few weeks in a year.  They were no longer living together but were still in touch with each other.  And they were still husband and wife.

The separation went on for three years where in the process, she had met someone else and had fallen deeply in love with Mr. Island.  Things got really heavy and deep between her and Mr. Island but at the same time she still couldn’t forget her hubby, Tall Guy.  Mr. Island had his own dreams too, which is fair.  He wanted to build a life with her, make her his wife, the mother of his kids.  She was torn.  She didn’t know what to do. Should she forego her marriage and start a new life with Mr. Island?  Would  she be able to forget about Tall Guy if she chose to do that?  She battled with herself for months over this issue, not wanting to make a wrong decision.  Finally, she turned to God and asked Him for some guidance in making her decision.  He didn’t fail her and she made her decision.

2008 … She and Tall Guy got back together and ‘renewed’ their wedding vows.  They have both reached their goals in their careers and they are both ready to slow down and start focusing more on each other and their marriage.  They’ve grown even closer with this experience and as a couple, they have grown so much more stronger.  And today, on the 1st day of February 2009, just twelve days short of their 10th wedding anniversary, she’s sitting here in front of the computer screen sharing her ‘classic’ love story… Her own.

To my hubby, Putra… it’s been 10 long years, baby… but I’m still as crazy about you today as I was that night we shared in Raub.  We’ve been through one hell of a rollercoaser ride to get to where we are today, but I’m glad we took it together.  This is my special tribute to you, my small way of saying thank you for completing me and making me whole.  Happy Anniversary, Honey!  I love you forever and always.